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Apprentice Responsibilities

  • Submission to the JLATTC office of accurate, signed, monthly work reports by the 15th of every month for the preceding month.
  • Keeping a daily Log Book of activities/duties performed at the work-site
  • Attending three (3) levels of technical training, as well as any other training required by the employer.
  • Ensuring the JLATTC office is informed of changes in contact information.

Log Books

  • Every page must consist of the following:
    • Date
    • Weather
    • Job location
    • Co-workers that day
    • Specific details of the job
    • Forwarding totals of hours per category

Work Reports

  • Work hours are transferred from the Log Book to the Monthly Report Form
  • The work report is to be completed in full front & back of document
  • A designated company signatory must sign the back of the completed work report
  • Submission to the JLATTC office of accurate, signed, monthly work reports by the 15th of every month for the preceding month.
  • Various reports are produced from the work reports for presentation at Board meetings therefore it is mandatory that they be completed accurately & on time.
  • Apprentices who fail to comply with these procedures will be asked to attend a Board meeting to explain their actions.
  • Download Monthly Work Report Form, (click here, last updated 2011-12-12).

Field Progress Assessments

  • Are prepared by the employer and the safety inspector, and a copy sent to the JLATTC office.
  • Log books are to be kept up-to-date and presented at the time of inspection
  • Information from the assessment is evaluated for mandatory principles
  • A report is produced from the assessments for information of the Board & Contractors
  • Download Field Progress Assesment Form (click here).

Term Status

  • Evolves on a six (6) month basis during the course of Apprenticeship
  • Required hours must be met, and accurate work reports received on time, to facilitate this advancement
  • A report is prepared from this information for the Board & the Contractors

Journeyman Certification

  • In order to graduate from the program all Apprentices must accomplish the following:
    • Minimum of 3.5 years as an Apprentice
    • Minimum of 6350 work experience hours in the required categories, including a minimum of 500 hours with crew doing live line work
    • Three levels of schooling
    • Attendance and passing grade in all technical training
    • Passing grade of 70% on the Inter-provincial (IP) exam

Transferring Companies

  • Movement is facilitated through the JLATTC Board, as opposed to a Contractor
  • Transfers are standardized in consideration of the established ratios of Journeyman to Apprentice, per the Collective Agreement.
  • Apprentices who wish to change companies must request the move in writing to the JLATTC office.
  • The contractor who you wish to move to must also request the move in writing, advising of their current ratios.
  • Requests will be placed on the agenda of the first upcoming Board meeting.
  • Apprentices who are requesting a leave of absence,  have lost their licenses, are injured or are otherwise unable to work must put this in writing to the JLATTC and the IBEW Local 258.

Database access

  • Will be provided upon indentureship as an Apprentice
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